Meant to Bean!


Bean Appétit

Cake pops topped with Banzo Butter!USE: glaze for your delectable cake pop cravings

Banzo Butter and Jelly Sandwich!USE: create a Banzo Butter & Jelly (BB&J) sandwich by using
Original with jam OR Original and our Strawberry flavor as a jam sub

 Granola bowl with fruit and Banzo Butter!USE: be innovative with your granola bowl and add some
Chocolate for some sweet indulgence alongside fruit


Donuts glazed with Banzo Butter!USE: feeling fancy? Glaze some donuts. Feeling extra?
Inject the donut with some BB too ;)
Rice cakes with Banzo Butter on top!USE: all aboard for rice cake creations. Use a tooth pick to
make fun designs and brighten someone's day.
Cookies dipped in Banzo Butter and sprinkles!USE: dip dip hooray! An easy potluck dessert, dip some
cookies in Banzo and decorate accordingly.
Popcorn with chocolate Banzo Butter drizzled over it!USE: drizzle any of the flavors on your popcorn of choice for a
sweet & salty combo that will soothe your soul.
Cookies with Banzo Butter in the middle!USE: cookie sandwich alert! Any flavor pairs wonderfully
with cookies of all shapes and sizes.


Fan favorites!

We asked. You said:

  • Original on banana bread
  • Strawberry on English muffin
  • Chocolate on an ice cream sundae
  • Strawberry on overnight oats
  • Original on matzo
  • Strawberry on fresh baked zucchini bread


pretzels with chocolate banzo butter 

apples with all flavors of banzo butter

ice cream with original and chocolate banzo butter drizzle