Meant to Bean!



CEO and Founder 

Amy is a recent PhD graduate who studied food science and technology at The Ohio State University. During her undergrad, she studied chemistry at Northeastern University where she interned at a food startup helping them create Big 8 allergen-free snacks. This internship paired with her involvement on a student food product development team has given Amy extensive experience working in the allergy-free, better-for-you space, and she believes her future will be defined by developing more inclusive snacks. 3 words to describe Amy: efficacious, passionate, and inquisitive. She gets difficult tasks done in a timely way with others in mind. Within the last couple of years she has taken pride in utilizing her classroom knowledge in her own business, especially when it comes to labels, packaging, sensory evaluation, chemistry, etc.  Amy is thrilled that she can stop using her tiny kitchen equipment at 11 PM on a school night, and finally make her food baby a reality.


Quality Control

Franklin is a world-class treat negotiator and napper. He likes to curl up next to his mom as she works and dreams about garbanzo beans. In the kitchen, he is an inadvertent taste tester of Banzo Butter, except the chocolate flavor, of course. His snaggletooth is his iconic identifier. We call it his sweet tooth.